Józefa 36Kazimierz, Kraków
Phone: 515 732 226

cafe, club & cafe

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KF 4 September 2018
A café run by the Jewish Culture Festival, in which a year-round program of cultural events is implemented. A variety of unusual drinks are available in the restaurant. We can drink coffee in Israeli or Arabic way which is brewed in findżana – original Israeli crucible, red espresso – brew made of rooiboos, served solo or with frothed milk (red cappuccino), ayran – a traditional drink based on natural yoghurt, with sparkling water , spices and chopped mint. Oriental cocktails made with homemade liqueurs are prepared on site. The menu is quite short and substantial – until 13:00 we can have breakfast, for example, cinnamon matzo granola with labneh, nuts, silane and fruits, and for lunch some sandwiches with aubergine paste, tahini, pomegranate, pickles and mint or a set of five mezze to choose from: hummus, tapenade, marinated cauliflower, pickled radishes, harissa. All menu items are vegetarian. The café also offers Israeli kosher wines.

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