Breakfasts are back in Muhabbet

KF 30 September 2021

It is not only cocktails and mezzas that attract people to Brzozowa. In Muhabbet you can enjoy Turkish breakfasts again.

When a few months ago Muhabbet from Brzozowa withdrew from serving breakfast, gastro Krakow was overwhelmed with consternation. The summer has passed without sitting on cushions at Muhabbets patio for the first meal of the day, but from now on you can reach for breakfast suggestions. The card includes cilbir (poached eggs with yoghurt) and menemen – the Turkish answer to shakshouka.

Breakfasts will be served from Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., so everyone will have time to catch it. In the afternoon, it is worth considering wines and original cocktails, and – in principle – at any time – coffee in various versions (including specialties).

You can visit Muhabbet on Facebook and Instagram, and their exact address in Kazimierz is Brzozowa 15.

photo by Muhabbet

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