Mazaya Vegan & Vegetarian 一 a brand new location

KF 5 August 2020

Today there’s a grand opening of the new Mazaya Vegan & Vegetarian restaurant on Krupnicza 22 St. The very same building once was a legendary tenement house of the Writers’ House. This is the fifth location of the well-known Mazaya Falafel concept, this time exclusively vegetarian and vegan.

Mazaya Falafel is not slowing down at all and just after the grand opening of Hala Lipowa 一 where one of the gastronomic stands is Mazaya 一 it opens another restaurant on Krupnicza 22 St. The legendary address once housed the House of Writers, which for almost 40 years served writers, poets, translators and artists.

The other locations of the concept will not change, so you still can eat your favorite dishes on Korona, Grzegórzecka St. and Starowislna St.

Mazaya Vegan & Vegetarian is a place for Syrian cuisine (at a reasonable price) lovers. In addition to the famous falafels, the new menu also includes snacks, salads and main courses. All available dishes are of course vegetarian or vegan.

The menu includes snacks such as hummus with various toppings, mutabbal, muhamara or baba ganousch, as well as salads and soups. You can also choose from options with falafels. These will be served here in various sandwiches or on a plate with additions. At Krupnicza St, you will also find a wide selection of main dishes: from stuffed eggplant, through sambusak, to fatte with olive oil.

At Mazaya Vegan & Vegetarian, you will also eat desserts (here are three options to choose from) and enjoy drinks and freshly squeezed juices. In the restaurant on Krupnicza 22 St, you will also get a specialty coffee from Dobra Palarnia Kawy in Krakow.

Be vigilant 一 for the first guests of the new restaurant there is a 50% promotion on all options from the card, it will be valid for 3 days from the opening (August 5-8).

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