Bistro The Hours ー a bistro where time does not count

KF 31 July 2020

Bistro The Hours is located in the H15 Palace hotel on Świętego Jana 15 St. The history of this place is closely related to the history of the Lubomirski family ー who transformed the building into a palace in the mid-nineteenth century. The motto of Bistro The Hours ー as the name suggests ー is joyfully spent time with family and loved ones at the table.

On Świętego Jana 15 St, you will eat mainly Polish cuisine, and the menu does not lack regional Małopolska’s accents. The Hours offers also a selection of classic cocktails. The palates of the guests will be taken care of by Chef Wojciech Kilian ー the award-winning chef of the Signature restaurant in Warsaw, who has gained experience in the UK and the Saint Jacques French Cuisine restaurant, among others. The taste of Chef’s dishes results from conscious cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Chef Wojciech works closely with Chef Diana Olechnowicz ー who’s the chef at the Brasserie Olympique restaurant, located in the Hotel Francuska. She gained experience working alongside Michael Moran at Bistro de Paris, and her philosophy is based on avoiding shortcuts.

The restaurant’s menu includes dishes such as marinated catfish in vinegar with the addition of low-salt courgette and chives mousse, vegan tripe with oyster mushrooms, vegetables and ginger, herring, tartare, and lamb casserole.

Partner of the article is Bistro The Hours. 

Photos: restaurant’s press materials.

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