5 places in Cracow for cocktails!

KF 25 July 2019

The next text from the series “5 places in Krakow on …” is ahead of us. Today we will tell you where you can go for a drink – as always, we choose places from various districts of Krakow and price shelves. Catch!

  • Unity Bar is located in the neighborhood of Old Kleparz in Hotel Indigo. In the cocktail menu, you will find classic items, including Pornstar Martini or Paper plane, but also original compositions referring to traditional Małopolska products such as Kościelecka poppy seed, Honeydew honey or Capuchin Balsam. If you are interested in what is included in these drinks, take a look at their fanpage. It is worth mentioning that Unity Bar follows the #minimalwaste rules. The bar is located near the Main Market Square.
  • Mercy Brown is so-called Speak Easy Bar, which is not so easy to find – who knows, he knows! Cocktails card is varied into classic and author’s positions and is regularly changed. We will get unusual combinations, such as cocktails with cream, rum-based smoked cigars, a combination of tequila with sage and hibiscus, or creamy – orange caramel with a maraca. For two years Mercy has been holding the prize for the best cocktail bar in Poland. Mercy Brown is also known from the Burlesque Show, which takes place once a month. The restaurant is located near Planty Krakowskie.
  • Lastriko is a cocktail bar in which you will also find more and less classic items. There is a wide selection of spirits, ie whiskey, gin, rum, tequila. In the cocktail menu, you can choose from 8 items, including Bergamotto, Kafir Grass and Bloody Beetroot. In the drinks lurk extraordinary additives like avocado, pistachios or coriander. Lastriko is distinguished by the design designed by Piotr Paradowski – with a characteristic neon and lastriko on the bar. The restaurant is located in the complex of Dolne Młyny.
  • Wschód Bar is the only place on the list, which (contrary to the name) is not a typical cocktail bar. Wschód is mainly based on food, but we can find there a cocktail card prepared by Tomasz Źródlowski (who is a bartender in the aforementioned Mercy Brown). The card consists of 5 items with remarkable names, e.g. Lightly embittered Chengdu Master, Scotus in Tokyo, or Japanese Dolce Vita. Prepare for taste combinations that you have not known yet, including whiskey, cola and soy sauce, gin with bear garlic or Wyborowa with sesame seeds. From other places, the East distinguishes the sizes of drinks, as there are 3 to choose from – 70 ml for 9 zlotys, 140 ml for 17 zlotys and 250 ml for 30 zlotys. The East Bar is located in Kazimierz, in a passage on Miodowa St.
  • Siedem miliardów uśmiechów, a Twój jest moim ulubionym is a cocktail bar in Kazimierz, where we find classic drinks based on gin, prosecco or martinis. The place offers various promotions, such as a cocktail of the week at a lower price and competitions.

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