Lucky Ice – a craft ice cream shop on Czyżyny

KF 12 June 2019

On Czyżyny, at ul. Dywizjonu 303, 63A was created ice cream shop – Lucky Lód.

On the Facebook fanpage, the owners ensure that ice cream is created without the use of chemistry, artificial colors and are produced daily from fresh ingredients.

On Facebook you will find a pinned post with the flavors of the day, updated daily. We can eat there, among others country cream, milk chocolate, raspberry sorbet, kinder, mascarpone with walnuts and maple syrup, red-orange sorbet, mango, apple pie. Remember that the flavors are changing!

Ice cream can be eaten in a classic wafer, a cup and a gluten-free cone. The ice cream parlor also offers ice boxes – we can take away 0.5 kg and 1 kg of ice cream.

Photos: press materials of the restaurant

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