A 24/7 pizzeria on Dietla – Incredible Pizzeria

KF 8 June 2019

Incredible is a new pizzeria on ul. Dietla 113, which is open 24 hours a day.

On the website, the owners ensure that the pizzeria has a unique pizza oven, only Italian ingredients and a special flour for making dough that is aged for several days are used. In the restaurant, apart from pizza, we can find sommelier selection wines, cocktails, coffee and “Tyskie 14 days” delivered freshly from the brewery.

The menu features two types of pizza – “classic” and “delux”. We can find there such items as margherita, prosciutto, hawaii, 4 fromaggi, calzone, greca, capriciosa, parma, tonno, vegetariano, bianca, margherita di bufala, pera a prosciutto, nduja, carne di maiale, anchois e tonno. In addition to the pizza, we will also have a salad, soup and dessert of the chef there.

There is free parking at the premises. Every Thursday there is a live concert.

Photos: press materials of the restaurant

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