Oliwki etc soon on Zabłocie!

KF 15 May 2019

Oliwki etc is a brand with fresh products, which in Krakow has its stands at Stary Kleparz and Plac na Stawach.

The assortment includes olives of various types, stuffed and in brines, pesto, tapenade, hummus, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, canned fish, herbs, sweets, among others chocolate with olives or lemonade. The shop also offers Tunisian ceramics and products in packages convenient for larger meetings.

Articles can be purchased in two locations in Krakow (on specific days and hours), in Warsaw, through the online store oliwki.sklep.pl, and soon stationary at Krakow’s Zabłocie – the brand is preparing to open the premises on Ślusarska street. You will find there standard products, as well as coffee and breakfast.

The exact date of opening is not known, but we are waiting impatiently!

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