Tasca Ruczajnik

Ruczaj 39Ruczaj, Cracow
Phone: 664 994 500


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Tasca Ruczajnik – soon at Ruczaj!

KF 24 April 2019
This weekend, April 26-28, the new Portuguese restaurant Tasca Ruczajnik will have its opening weekend. The restaurant is located on Ruczaj, at Ruczaj 39 street.

We already know the Tasca menu! We find in it appetizers, and in them fresh grilled herrings, pate with sardines, cod cutlets with coriander mayonnaise, asparagus in tempura, grilled shrimps; fish and seafood, including octopus with young potatoes, vongole from the pan, grilled mackerel with tomato sauce; meat, for example, tongues in porto sauce, homemade roll with beef sirloin and bundz, homemade pork tenderloin roll with potato chips, grilled chicken sausage with young cabbage; Vegetarian dishes - bean and chickpea salad with fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and a home-made roll with grilled vegetables and artichoke paste and finally a dessert, a traditional Portuguese pasteis de nata cake.

To drink sangria, beer, sagres or tequila.

It is worth going to a restaurant this weekend - the entire menu is valid for a 50% discount. Reservations for this time do not apply 🙂

We will definitely go there! And you?


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