The first dog cafe in Cracow – Psikawka

KF 16 April 2019
On April 1st the first dog cafe in Cracow has opened - Psikawka. This place is located at the beginning of Mazowiecka street.

The restaurant is spacious and adapted to visit it with dogs. The menu includes breakfasts in the form of sandwiches, with additions made on the spot, including veg, with ham, with hummus, egg paste and salmon, lunch - dinner tart with mini salad and soup of the day and something sweet, including cakes, and among Pavlova meringue, carrot cake, orange and nutty gluten-free, brownie with caramel and pretzels, Naked Cake halva, pistachio cheesecake and tarts - chocolate and lemon curd. Most cakes are baked on site, and the owners put on a high-quality product. Tomasz Borecki, a person known for television and the MasterChef program, is responsible for the kitchen there. Recently, waffles were also introduced to the card, in a sweet and savory version.

To drink: espresso coffee (Illy), leafy teas and fruit infusions, freshly squeezed juices, homemade lemonade.

We can also buy food for pets at site, which can be immediately eaten, leashes and care products. All products are unique and not easily available, even on the internet.

Every weekend, an event is organized in Psikawka, thanks to which we can adopt a dog from a friendly foundation. Since the opening of the place, several of them have already found their new home! It's worth watching their fanpage.

We were already there. And you ? 🙂


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