Stary Kleparz Stare miasto, Kraków
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Lorek&Portoyan – new place at Stary Kleparz

KF 30 April 2019

For some time, at Stary Kleparz, in the place of the Krakow Standard – the Lorek & Portoyan Best of Polish has opened.

We can get there local products, of the highest quality and from Polish villages, including sausages and sausages from Podlasie and Wielkopolska (including a real kumpiak), sturgeon caviar, trout from Ojców, farm cheeses, butter and dairy products from Pogorzany, home-made bear garlic pesto , rose petals grated with sugar, Baltic salmon, barrel vinegar, homemade bread.

In addition, after a short absence, wines – mainly biodynamic, natural and organic, mainly from Central Europe – returned.

The place is small and suitable for take-out purchases.

We’ll check it!

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