Kanton Grill

Plac Wolnica 4Kazimierz, Kraków


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Kanton Grill – a new restaurant at Plac Wolnica

KF 2 April 2019
On March 28, at the Wolnica Square in Kazimierz, the Kanton Grill restaurant has opened.

The specialty of the place is a 'Cantonese' duck  prepared in a unique way - the inside of the carcass is filled with a sauce during baking and cooking in the interior of the duck, does not allow the meat to dry, harden and dry. Adding a crunchy crust you get a traditional Chinese delicacy.

From the menu, first choose the type of dish we are interested in - a small or a large box meal, single or triple gua-bao, or steamed buns with meat stuffing and Arabic bread, all of which you can choose from meat: duck or pork neck, ribs , chicken or bacon. We also choose a base for boxes, ie rice or pasta, we get vegetables for bread rolls and bread. Authentic sauces are also available, including hoisin, yoghurt and garlic, super hot chilli or special canton.

To drink coca-cola, juices and drinks B-life Botanicals.

We'll check it!

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