Żurawina – new spot at Dajwór street

KF 4 November 2018

At Dajwor street in Kazimierz, where the Ukrainian restaurant Chicheri was located, the Żurawina Restaurant has opened.

The menu features simple Polish cuisine, starting with appetizers such as beef tartar, oscypek with cranberries, herring in cream, through soups and dumplings, including sour soup, żurek, borscht, and dumplings with meat, cabbage and mushrooms and main dishes, e.g. duck with apples, pork knuckle, trout with butter and lemon, ending with a homemade cake, every day different.

During the week, between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm, we will get a day set for PLN 16, which consists of a soup, main course and compote.

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