Flomaro – bistro with French specialties

KF 18 September 2018

A few weeks ago, Flomaro started its operation, near the Main Square. The place itself is a combination of a restaurant with an open kitchen and a shop. The business was founded by two students and a Frenchman who is a chef there. The place is distinguished by the availability of products imported from France – directly from French farmers. The menu features French specialties, including 24 types of cold cuts, saucissons (hand-made sausages) and ripening hams, 29 types of cheese, comte, raclette, fourme d’ambert, and we can order them in the form of tasting boards served with a baguette and a salad with walnuts and vinaigrette. All products are sold by weight. The flagship dish of Flomaro is definitely Raclette – a dish consisting of a special type of cheese (raclette) which, heated and melted, lands on a plate along with various cold cuts. For a smaller hunger or a meal during a break between work / classes, sandwiches with different toppings, eg with terrine, boiled ham or emmental cheese, will work. In the near future, there will also be alcohol, mainly wines and champagnes (48 items!), some of them from Lutomski.wino. Flomaro is also an online store, from which we will soon order French specialties straight to your home!

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